How much do planning permission plans cost?

This depends entirely on how big the proposed plans are and how long they take to draw, we are roughly across the board about a third of the cost of a fully accredited Architect, even though we offer the same service. We are happy to meet up and look at a price upon application of the size and extent of drawing work. We can provide stand alone plans only, project management or a full managed service, we have lots of options to help[ you achieve your goals in the most cost effective way.

How much do Building Control submission plans cost?

This depends upon the size and scale of the plans to be specified, prices are upon application and initial meeting.

How long do plans take to turn around?

Depending on Our work load, a set of plans for planning permission are around 2 weeks, this depends on how many sets of works we have on the drawing board at the time of instruction.

How long does it take to clear the planning permission period?

Planning Permission is around 8 weeks for the local authority to turn around.

How long does it take to clear the Building Control specification approval period?

Building Control submissions are on a 4 week turnaround from the local authority, wherever possible we will submit the structural engineers plans with the BC spec to try to keep the turnaround time to a minimum.

How long does it take for Building Control to approve the Structural Engineers Calculations?

2 weeks is the standard turnaround time for the Borough Engineer to approve the nominated Structural Engineers Calculations.This is also the case if you need to revise or submit new calculations during the contracted works. This can lead to delays during the works if these are not dealt with promptly and efficiently prior to the commencement of works.

Can you recommend builders and tradesmen?

Yes we can, we have a list of approved contractors and you can find them on the links page.